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Michael Lopez
ry Evans

Michael Smith

Chong Yom

Matt Biniakewitz
Derek Groth
Stephe McIvor
Chase Mitchusson
Lee Rosenberg
Milton Crews
Richard Boyette
Matt Rupprecht
Mario M

Alto Clarinet
Alan Swistak

Bass Clarinet
Sam Podesta

Alto Saxophone
Amir Baghiapour 
Carey Taylor

Tenor Saxophone
Chris Selva

Baritone Saxophone
Anthony Vanelli

Andrew Hamm
David Geisert
Michael Munekata
Patrick Moerman
Todd Cummings
Tyler Ogdon
Cody Pellum
Stephen Leinberg

French Horn
Chris Russell
Masoud Zarshenas
Colt Schwerin
Trey Fletcher

Anton Swistak
Jim Charbonnet
Dallas Schwerin
Nick Averwater
Kholt Joyce
William Prentiss

Robert Callahan
Emanuel Lim
Adam Westmoreland

Philip Kreth
Chris McCollum
Eric Lehman
Nick Lopes

String Bass
Alex Lawson

Jimmy Harwood
Patrick O'Leary
Girik Desai
Thomas Nagel
Lloyd Rieves
Lee Averwater
Taylor Fortney

Freshmen Auxiliary
Dylan Byrd
James Habenicht
Peter Scobey
Julian Poon
Matthew Gooden
Mike McGowan
Rick Hetherington
Stphen Palmisano
AC Glenn
Adam Alexander
Joseph Montesi 
Brennan Whalen
Parker Hemphill


Jazz Band
Historic Band
Year in Review

This year the Christian Brothers Band performed prolifically throughout the Memphis area and beyond and the band grew in numbers with a large and talented freshmen class. 


The Pep Band was rocking at the Football and Basketball Games this year and the concert band had performances at St. Louis Church, St. Michael School, St. Francis School, St. Augustine School, Blessed Sacrament School and they were featured at the All Schools Mass. 

At the Fall Concert the band featured Andrew Hamm on the Trumpeter's Lullaby and Anton Swistak on the Rimsky-Korsokoff Trombone Concerto. The also tackled "Festive Centennial" which was written by Francis McBeth for the band's 100th anniversary.   


This Historic Band performed on WREG TV Live at 9, at the annual Veterans Day Parade, the Pink Palace Crafts Fair, and at the Massing of the Colors. 

The Jazz Band performed for the Mayor Luncheon at the Botanic Gardens and even took a picture with Mayor Herenton. 

The Concert Band took a trip to Atlanta for a festival and performed 650 East Concert March by Jack Hale and Wayne Oldham and the Das Pensionat Overture by Frans von Suppe. They also were able to go to Six Flags and Downtown Atlanta on their trip. 

At Concert Festival the Band received Excellent Ratings and the band had 14 members make All West.  8 members made participated in the University of Memphis Honor, 3 members participated in the Ole Miss Honor Band, 2 members participated in the Quad State Honor Band, and 4 members participated in the Middle Tennessee State Honor Band. 

The final band concert of the year was entitled "Religious Sketches" and the band played works like "Ben Hur" by Miklos Rozsa, "Purgatorio" by Robert W. Smith, The "Meditation from Thais" featuring Matt Biniakewitz, and the Bacchanale from Saint-Saens "Samson and Delilah."

Click above to listen to the music and download programs

Officers and Awards

Andrew Hamm

Matt Biniakewitz

Philip Kreth

Masoud Zarshenas

Ralph Hale Award
Anton Swistak

John Sandridge Award

Anton Swistak

Paul Schneider Gold Medal
Andrew Hamm

Capt. Harrison Marching Award
Philip Kreth

Mike Krepper Jazz Award
Matt Biniakewitz

Br. Maurelian Spirit Award
Jimmy Harwood
Alan Swistak
Chase Mitchusson
Patrick Moerman

Amro Music Award
Masoud Zarshenas

Hall of Fame
Br. John Johnston

All West
Taylor Fortney
Parker Hemphill
Brennan Whalen
Julian Poon
Matt Gooden
Patrick Moerman
Matt Biniakewitz
Alan Swistak
Chris Russell
Anton Swistak
Phillip Kreth
Girik Desai
Sam Podesta


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